Trips around Marfa
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McDonald Observatory

This place is lovely – we spent a great Saturday night at a “Star Party” where we got to look through the Observatory’s very powerful telescopes. The telescopes are, in fact, among the most powerful in the country that are available for viewing by the public. McDonald Observatory is one of UT Austin’s research facilities, so we have their generosity to thank for this resource. It’s a bit of a hairy drive up there late at night, especially since the roads are so dark – obviously a necessity for the sake of star viewing. It’s an eerie experience walking up to the complex among a field of red lights, which are the least obstructive of sky views.

Unfortunately attendance at a Star Party won’t be in your Marfa itinerary unless you have time to stay before or after the wedding events, but it’s a real jewel of the area and is worth a visit.

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