Getting Here and Around

Getting Here by Air

There are two airports about equidistant from Marfa. They are El Paso Airport (ELP) and Odessa/Midland Airport (MAF). You can fly into either and then rent a car to drive to Marfa. It’s about a 3-hour drive from either airport to Marfa, although Graham and I have usually done it in a bit less. Most standard car rental companies have offices in both airports.

El Paso Airport seems to serve more airlines, but if you’re an annoying airline loyalty-type person like Marika, you’ll want to know that United seems to have more flights into Midland.

We will also set up a simple google doc where guests can add in their arrival time in either El Paso or Midland and coordinate carpooling to/from the airport. We definitely don’t need everyone renting their own car and driving, since we won’t be driving much at all (if any) during the weekend activities.

Be warned that if you fly into El Paso and drive down, you drive extremely close to the Mexico border, and you’ll have to pass through one or more Border Patrol checkpoints! That’s right, even though you’re not crossing the border. There are many amusing border patrol refusal videos on Youtube, and indeed, by rights you don’t have to respond to Border Patrol’s questions at these checkpoints. Listen to the This American Life story about these checkpoints for more info:

If you are in the position to arrive on a non-commercial flight, there is a small public airport in Marfa, called Marfa Municipal Airport (MRF). It doesn’t have a website, so call ahead to (432) 729-3102 to arrange with them for landing fees. There is no car rental there and it is a little ways out of town, so please let us know if you’re planning to use this airport and we will arrange a pick-up for you. Of course, if you have room for others we’re sure you’ll have takers to ride with you!