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El Cosmico

El Cosmico is a mash-up of trailer park, campground commune, and hipster hotel. You’ll stay either in a retro trailer with an outdoor shower, or in a yurt, teepee, or military camping tent (sharing a shower and toilet). Not for the faint of heart, but pretty awesome if you’re up for active inhabitation. This place is probably the textbook definition of “glamping.” They rent bikes, and you can use the communal kitchen or rent a wood-fired hot tub. There’s a cute bar here and a nice little shop by the front desk. Be sure to try to Have’A tortilla chips sold in the store – they are Marika’s favorite.

We’ll be doing field day activities here during the day on Saturday as well. Note that we’ve blocked all the rooms here for our weekend, so be sure to tell them you’re here for our wedding. Please ask for Lizzy when you call, or email directly.

(432) 729-1950

Judd Foundation

The other half of the Marfa minimalist art 1-2 punch, the Judd Foundation owns and maintains the properties in town that Donald Judd owned when he was alive, including his home and studios. These tours are fascinating, and since going on the tour of his house (“The Block”) we’ve noticed it pop up as a “design inspiration” for things like the Ace Hotel in LA. Graham used Judd’s shelving as inspiration for floor-to-ceiling shelves in his office in Hingetown. You definitely need to call ahead and reserve a spot on a tour for these ones as they’re not open for self-guided viewing. $25/person.

Architecture Studio, Art Studio and the Cobb and Whyte Houses (The Studios), Friday and Saturday 2pm to 3:30pm

La Mansana de Chinati/ The Block, Monday through Sunday 4:30pm to 5:30pm

(432) 729-4406

Cast + Crew

We had a great time perusing this cute little shop. The owner rebuilds classic Eames and Bertoia chairs and powder coats them in neon colors, and she’ll probably show you her works in progress in the other room if you ask nicely. We loved her aesthetic, and have one of her neon horseshoes hanging in the firehouse. Check out the Cobra Boot place if you have time after stopping in here.

Wed – Sun 10:30am – 5:30pm but the hours seem a little dicey so call ahead.


Balmorhea State Park Pool

We had a great outing here, and did some amusing people watching. This pool is the largest spring fed pool in the world at 3.5 million gallons of water. It was built by the civilian corps in 1930, and there are fish living in it – people go snorkeling and even scuba diving here. The water is a beautiful blue and in the summer heat the natural coolness is amazing.

Note that they don’t provide towels or amenities really of any kind (beyond basic changing rooms and toilets) so be sure to bring towels and snacks. And on that point, this is definitely NOT a fancy pool – it’s more along the lines of a huge, cool, city pool.

Daily 8am – sunset

(432) 375-2370

Museum of Electronic Wonders & Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour

This place is SO Marfa-y that it’s almost too much. Almost. Here’s what it is: a tiny little space in what looks like a cinderblock hovel that sells grilled cheese sandwiches, and you try to concentrate on eating them among a room full of old school electric appliances and music players that are all going at once. It’s pretty awesome, but we challenge you to stay longer than half an hour. The grilled cheeses are delicious.

Fri/Sat 9:30pm – 12:30 or 1am

(432) 729-1804

Food Shark museum of electronic wonders 2


We had the best cheese souffle of our lives here on our first trip, and we still talk about it. We ate there a second time and unfortunately the souffle wasn’t on the menu, but the food was still great. This restaurant has a lovely courtyard, but in the heat we find it nicer to eat inside. The date pudding is also especially YUM.


Hotel Paisano

This is OG Marfa, and it’s been around since 1929. If you want classic Texas glamour, this is where you want to stay. James Dean, Rock Hudson, and Elizabeth Taylor all stayed here during the filming of Giant, and the hotel became the film’s headquarters, with the cast and crew viewing dailies here and hanging in the courtyard.

The whole place has a spanish revival feel, complete with some little shops, a pool and gym, a restaurant, and a great little courtyard with a fountain where you can relax with a drink. Historic memorabilia abounds throughout. Note that we’ve blocked all the rooms here for our weekend, so be sure to tell them you’re here for our wedding.


Thunderbird Hotel

We stayed here the first time we came to Marfa and loved it. This is an old 50’s motel that has been beautifully renovated into a modern space with a little Texas twist. You can rent movies, records, and bikes from the front desk, and the best part is that they have a POOL. Very necessary. We will probably hang here in our bathing suits in the late afternoon on Saturday.

Note that we’ve blocked all the rooms here for our weekend, so be sure to tell them you’re here for our wedding.

See Mystery Lights

Marfa Mystery Lights!

Quick Pop Quiz: Which Marfa-area attraction have you heard of? 1. Chinati Foundation 2. Marfa Mystery Lights 3. James Dean & Giant 4. Big Bend National Park

Your answer says everything about who you are as a person.

Anyway, the Marfa Mystery Lights are REAL, people. We went out to see them, and lo and behold, floating lights randomly appeared in the distance. Graham got freaked out and forced Marika back into the car even though she wanted to stay longer to watch. Go see for yourself. At night, obviously.