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Big Bend National Park

We’ve unfortunately never been here before, but it has always been on our list of places to visit. If you’ve seen the movie Boyhood, it ends with a scene in Big Bend! It’s about two hours to get here, and then there are various attractions in the area, like the Terlingua ghost town and the Boquilla hot springs.

Carlsbad Caverns

We’ve never been here, but it looks AMAZING and we wish we had made time for it on our last trip. On the map it looks like it’s only a 2.5 hour drive, and it looks completely worth it. Put it on your itinerary if you’re making a road trip and have a bit of extra time. Who knew sulfuric acid fused to limestone could look so gorgeous and otherworldly?

Weekend Map


The map above should provide some helpful info on our various weekend locations. They are:

  1. Thunderbird Hotel  Friday Night Welcome Dinner Location
    601 W San Antonio St Marfa, TX 79843
  2. Chinati Foundation  Saturday Morning Ceremony and Brunch Reception Location
    99 South Hill Street Marfa, TX 79843
    * Note that the location for Chinati on google maps is weirdly inaccurate, so we’re including a more accurate address for the Chinati entrance. The official address online is: 1 Cavalry Row, Marfa, TX 79843
  3. El Cosmico  Saturday Afternoon Field Day Location
    802 South Highland Avenue Marfa, TX 79843
  4. Capri Lounge  Saturday Night Party Location
    601 West San Antonio Street Marfa, TX 79843 (across from Thunderbird Hotel)
  5. Corte Del Norte  Sunday Morning Brunch Location
    205 East San Antonio Street Marfa, TX 79843

The Schedule

Hooray! Here’s our (packed) weekend schedule. Be sure to check out our “Dress Code” under Other Resources so you can plan appropriately. This is a full-contact sport wedding!

First things first: please plan to arrive in Marfa on Friday, August 14th. As you’ll note below, our ceremony will take place on the morning of August 15th, so you won’t make it in time if you fly in on Saturday.


  • 7pm – 9pm BBQ Welcome Dinner
    Thunderbird Hotel


  • 9am – 10am Ceremony
    Arena, Chinati Foundation
  • 10am – 12 noon Brunch Reception
    Arena, Chinati Foundation
  • 12 noon – 4pm Field Day Activities
    El Cosmico
  • 7pm – 1am Dance Party
    Thunderbird Capri Lounge


  • 10am – 12 noon Brunch
    Corte Del Norte



Getting Here by Car

If you are planning to make a road trip out of your journey to Marfa, godspeed and mazel tov! It’s a fun trip. Graham and Marika made the trip all the way from Cleveland to Marfa on their first trip out, and it was a great one. A few helpful distances if you’re driving:

  • Austin to Marfa: 6 hours
  • Dallas to Marfa: 7 hours
  • Cleveland to Marfa: 24 hours
  • San Francisco to Marfa: 20 hours
  • Los Angeles to Marfa: 14 hours
  • New Orleans to Marfa: 13 hours
  • Denver to Marfa: 12 hours

Chinati Foundation

You’ll be coming here anyway, so worry not, but this place is really incredible, and worth spending time wandering through on your own. Their collection is huge, goes well beyond Donald Judd alone, and is on par with any of the other Dia properties around the country (it used to be owned by the Dia Foundation back in Judd’s day before getting bought out). We especially like the hangar with all the Dan Flavins.

We did a full tour of the collection, which is worth it, or you can wander around the Judd collection on your own. Check their calendar to reserve a spot on a tour:

Hours vary but are essentially Wednesday through Sunday 9am – 4:30pm for self-guided viewing (limited portions of the collection). Check the website for more info.

Food Shark

This place is a Marfa classic. Great food, but more of a fun experience as well. The people who own this also run Comida Futura and the Grilled Cheese place, and are also doing our catering. Hey, it’s a small town. But it’s worth going and getting to sit in the big van. They also seem to have a huge collection of semi-beat up vintage cars, which you see around town a lot. Yup, that photo is who you think it is. Even the Knowles sisters like the FS.

Open noon – 3pm F/Sa/Su